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Do you require an anti-vandal container office?

3J Services Ltd provide new and used 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, for sale or hire nationwide. Our portable cabins, modular buildings, flat pack units and steel containers can be fabricated to any specification. We also undertake container site works, repairs and modifications.

Call us today on 0330 321 3380 or complete our quick enquiry form for a competitive quotation.


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Our steel anti-vandal container offices are available as used ex-hire units or brand new and built to your bespoke specification. These units are often modified shipping containers or built using similar materials, therefore making them extremely secure and structurally sound. These secure offices are ideal for construction sites, event ticketing offices, security offices, home offices, marketing suites, and more.

These steel cabins are usually fitted with heavy duty and anti-vandal steel doors and have steel shutters over the windows, both of which have extra security features such as shoot bolts and anti-jemmy studs. Anti-vandal offices are quite literally ‘plug and go’, so once delivered, you just need to get an electrician to connect and test your units, and you are ready to go! These units all come with basic electrics including strip lighting, double sockets and wall heaters, however, all electrics can be added to and upgraded.


Our used anti-vandal steel offices are usually available in 10ft, 20ft, 24ft and 32ft lengths. They tend to be 8ft wide with the exception of the 32ft units which are 10ft wide.

​The specifications of this unit varies, as they are off-hire units they could have been built to a wide range of specifications, however, they tend to have vinyl flooring, insulated and lined walls, lighting, heating and power-points, at least one sliding window with an anti-vandal steel shutter and an anti-vandal personnel door.

Prior to our used office units leaving depot, they are checked for weather proofing and treated and re-painted with specialist container paint, which also treats the steel and improves the longevity of the steel office unit. Any small scale repairs are addressed and the unit is then valued. It is this valuation and sale price that reflects the quality of the office unit. It is important to remember that these offices have often been used by multiple people on building sites and in similar environments and this can be reflected in the condition. However, even as these units enter the re-sale market, you can still expect to have use out of them for some time.

​If aesthetics and a long-lasting product are important to you, we would recommend that you consider a new steel office unit or a flat packed office unit.


Our new anti-vandal steel container office units are available in any size. They can either be built from the ground up, or converted from a standard sized shipping container. We will be able to advise as to which option would be most cost effective for you. We have been involved in fabricating offices from as small as 6ft to as large as 40ft and extra wide! As our new build offices are custom built to order, we can include any accessories or modifications to suit your requirements, some ideas may include:

  • Extra lighting, heating, power sockets.
  • Air conditioning or specialised heating for the canteen to remain at an ambient temperature.
  • Specialist lining, such as steel cladding, hygiene rated lining, food safe lining, etc.
  • Specialist floor overlay such as aluminium checker plate / durbar, anti-slip flooring or even tiles.
  • Extra anti-vandal windows or decorative windows.
  • Extra anti-vandal doors or decorative doors / patio doors / bi-fold doors.
  • Specialist or custom paint jobs.
  • External wooden cladding.


Our flat packed offices are perfect for when access to site is a real issue. ​These units are very cost effective and come complete with all of the usual features of one of our containerised offices, including, vinyl flooring, insulated and lined wall boards, lighting, heating, electrics, windows and doors.  We can also combine these units to make large scale modular site set ups.

We have over 70 combined years experience in the container industry, with a focus on excellent customer service. We have worked with our suppliers and hauliers for many years and they too understand the quality of service we expect.

Contact us today on 0330 321 3380 for a competitive quotation or complete our quick enquiry online form and find out more.

We have over 70 combined years experience in the container industry, we will give you the expert advice and service you need. We take care of your storage needs, guiding you through the sales process and ensuring that your delivery is completed efficiently by one of our haulage experts.