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shipping container doors

Do you require a door for your shipping container?

3J Services Ltd provide new and used 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, for sale or hire nationwide. Our portable cabins, modular buildings, flat pack units and steel containers can be fabricated to any specification. We also undertake container site works, repairs and modifications.

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shipping container doors

We can supply a wide range of container doors as part of your container conversion. Container door options can be as straight-forward as an extra set of cargo doors or a steel personnel door to roller shutter doors, bulkhead doors, aluminium frames doors and doors utilising architectural glass. We can supply so many different styles and configurations that we can’t possibly list them all here, but rest assured they are secure, look great, and are watertight, durable and insulated.

Original Cargo Doors for Containers

Standard ISO Shipping containers have one access point via a set of double cargo doors fitted to the 8ft end. These doors are excellent for ensuring the containers stay dry and secure during their voyages on the sea. The cargo doors also offer high security when used with a fitted steel lockbox and padlock making them ideal for secure storage. Cargo doors are supplied with either three or four locking bars which are fitted to corrugated steel door leaves.

Cargo Doors with locking bars

Locking bars are vertical steel rods that secure the doors shut with the cam and keepers  located at the top and bottom of the rod. The doors are mounted to the corner posts of the container by steel hinged blades which allow the doors to swing 270 degrees. This means the container doors can be fully opened and tied back giving a clearance of approx. 7ft 8in. To secure the container doors we recommend a fitted steel lockbox and high security CISA padlock. The lockbox is a steel shroud that protects the padlock, reducing the chances of any tools or machinery being able to access it.

It is welded to the right hand door and covers a lug which is welded onto the left hand door. We provide industry standard CISA padlocks which fit snug into the lockboxes, the padlocks are pick, drill and cut resistant. Shipping container doors are surrounded by rubber door seals, also known as door gasket seals. One seal is fitted to each cargo door, they are used to prevent water ingress.

Cargo doors are used regularly in container modification for secure additional access points. If you need more than one way into your container, talk to the team today about the door options we can provide cargo doors for storage containers

Also, check out our blog for guidance on operating container doors.

Easy Open Double Doors for Containers

Whilst the shipping container doors are fantastic when shipping the container or using the container as a secure store, they may not be the right door for other purposes. Container cargo doors are heavy so we offer alternatives which will make everyday use of the unit a bit easier. Easy open double doors (also known as flat panel or lightweight doors) which are formed using two flat panels of steel with either one or two locking rods are one such option. We use this type of door for smaller stores or when containers are cut down. The easy open double doors are secured using a fitted high security lockbox and padlock like the cargo doors.

Single Personnel Doors for Containers

When converting shipping containers for uses beyond storage, you may need an alternative or additional access points fitting. We have a range of different door types and sizes available to suit any container conversion.

single personnel doorOur most common additional door that’s fitted when converting a container is the secure 910mm x 2065mm single steel personnel door.  These doors are standard key lock entry with a 10-point locking system, 5 pin anti-drill euro profile cylinder, stainless steel lever handles, anti-knockout hinges, weatherproof seals and can be painted to match your container colour. The single personnel doors are provided with 6 keys as standard for multiple users and are easy to operate. Steel personnel doors are commonly used for anti-vandal office and canteen units, multi-store containers, workshop conversions and much more.

Bespoke Aluminium Glazed Doors for Containers

glazed doors

Another type of door that is used regularly on bespoke containers is the aluminium glazed doors. The glazed doors are made to order so can be provided in any shape or size. We have worked on projects where these doors have been used as standard single-entry doors, sliding double doors or concertina large doors to fill the side of a 20ft container. Adding glazing to shipping containers transforms the whole unit as you’re giving the space natural light and a high quality finish, especially when fitting bespoke aluminium glazed doors alongside our bespoke aluminium framed windows. We can also supply glazed doors with UPVC frames, or full UPVC doors.


Roller Shutter Doors for Containers

roller shutter doorsIf you need a larger access point for your container, our roller shutter doors are perfect. Roller shutters fitted to shipping containers are a great alternative to standard cargo doors, flat panel double doors or steel personnel doors. They can be manual or electric and are available in different sizes, configurations, specifications and finishes. We use steel roller shutters in many of our container conversions including container bars and food stalls, secure stores, container ticket offices, turnstile containers, pop up retail stands, multi-stores and test facility shipping containers.

other Container Accessory options

Use the links below to filter our accessory types according to your specification. Our container accessories list isn’t exhaustive, if you require something not listed, contact us and we can see what we can do.

We have over 70 combined years experience in the container industry, with a focus on excellent customer service. We have worked with our suppliers and hauliers for many years and they too understand the quality of service we expect.

Contact us today on 0330 321 3380 for a competitive quotation or complete our quick enquiry online form and find out more.

We have over 70 combined years experience in the container industry, we will give you the expert advice and service you need. We take care of your storage needs, guiding you through the sales process and ensuring that your delivery is completed efficiently by one of our haulage experts.