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Do you require on-site container repairs?

3J Services Ltd provide new and used 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, for sale or hire nationwide. Our portable cabins, modular buildings, flat pack units and steel containers can be fabricated to any specification. We also undertake container site works, repairs and modifications.

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Is your shipping container leaking? Are you having trouble operating the cargo doors? Is there water dripping from the container ceiling? Storage containers are a big investment and can be costly to replace. It’s always been hard to find someone who will come to site to repair them to industry standard. Not anymore! 3J Services carry out container repairs on site across the UK.


Our mobile container services team repair storage containers on site and operate nationwide and offer various container repairs and alterations including:

The site team are fully equipped to carry out small or large container repairs on site. The method in which holes are repaired on containers will depend on the size, location on the unit and accessibility. Smaller holes in shipping containers are usually repaired by patching the unit with sealant, flashband and a waterproof coating. Otherwise, the damaged section of the container can be removed and replaced with a new piece of corrugated corten steel. The new steel would be blown in with marine standard container paint to protect the area.

If your container is leaking at the door seals, we can attend site and replace the full container door seal set. To do this, the site will need to provide equipment and operator to lift the container off the floor to allow access to replace the bottom door seal.

We can also supply and install replacement container locking bars on site. As all locking bar specifications vary, the new locking bars will be made to order.

A common problem when shipping containers are delivered is the container becoming racked. This means that the cargo doors do not open and close properly because the unit is not level or may be slightly twisted. We can attend site to correct the containers position which will allow the doors to operate.


The aim of our mobile container services is to help you prolong the life and use of your storage container. Other options that will help to do this are:

Applying Grafo-Therm anti condensation treatment to the container ceiling. This product not only protects stored items from the effects of condensation, but also protects the unit from corrosion.

Repainting the container with marine standard container paint to give it extra protection against the elements and a fresh appearance. This specialist paint, along with the CORTEN steel that the ex shipping containers are made from, are designed to withstand being battered at sea so will give your unit plenty of protection from the Great British Weather.

We have over 70 combined years experience in the container industry, with a focus on excellent customer service. We have worked with our suppliers and hauliers for many years and they too understand the quality of service we expect.

Contact us today on 0330 321 3380 for a competitive quotation or complete our quick enquiry online form and find out more.

We have over 70 combined years experience in the container industry, we will give you the expert advice and service you need. We take care of your storage needs, guiding you through the sales process and ensuring that your delivery is completed efficiently by one of our haulage experts.