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Shipping and Storage Container Security

Do you require security for your shipping container?

3J Services Ltd provide new and used 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, for sale or hire nationwide. Our portable cabins, modular buildings, flat pack units and steel containers can be fabricated to any specification. We also undertake container site works, repairs and modifications.

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Shipping & Storage Container Security

Security is at the forefront of everyone’s mind when they make a container purchase, and we can advise on the best options on the market. Our windows and doors are anti-vandal, and we can supply heavy duty locks to give your container that extra security. We can even supply container turnstiles for security huts or gatehouses!

Container Lockboxes

Also known as cowls, lock housing or steel shrouds. The best and most cost-effective way to secure a shipping container is the addition of a container lockbox on the cargo doors. Used alongside our heavy-duty padlocks, they provide security and protection to minimise the risk of theft.

Lockboxes are steel anti-vandal padlock protectors which are welded to the double cargo doors. The lockbox surrounds the padlock leaving access from the underside only. Covering the padlock in this way helps to prevent access to the lock where it otherwise could be damaged by angle grinders, bolt-cutters or with force by a crowbar or similar.

Most new containers are now fitted with slim line lockboxes in factory. Other units can be fitted with lockboxes in container depots or on site by our mobile teamOur mobile container team fit steel lockboxes at customers sites around the UK along with various other services which include shipping container repairs and Grafo-Therm anti condensation treatment. We also supply heavy duty CISA padlocks which fit perfectly into the lockbox. The padlocks are supplied with two keys as standard, can be keyed alike or provided with a master key – ideal for use with multiple containers.

If you have concerns about the security of your container, get in touch today to see what we can do to help.

other Container Accessory options

Use the links below to filter our accessory types according to your specification. Our container accessories list isn’t exhaustive, if you require something not listed, contact us and we can see what we can do.

We have over 70 combined years experience in the container industry, with a focus on excellent customer service. We have worked with our suppliers and hauliers for many years and they too understand the quality of service we expect.

Contact us today on 0330 321 3380 for a competitive quotation or complete our quick enquiry online form and find out more.

We have over 70 combined years experience in the container industry, we will give you the expert advice and service you need. We take care of your storage needs, guiding you through the sales process and ensuring that your delivery is completed efficiently by one of our haulage experts.