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Tips to Prolong the Life and Value of your Storage Container

If you're looking to prolong the life of your storage container, here's a few tips to help you achieve it.

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Tips to Prolong the Life and Value of your Storage Container

If you're looking to prolong the life of your storage container, here's a few tips to help you achieve it.
Tips to Prolong the Life and Value of your Storage Container

We supply a massive range of container modification options and accessories, so much so that it can be quite daunting if you’re unfamiliar in the world of shipping containers. So, we thought we would narrow down the options for you if you are looking for a simple, dry storage container that will last. Shipping containers are made from Corten steel, often referred to as weathering steel because it is designed to form a rust-like appearance when exposed to the weather. The shipping and storage containers that we supply leave our nationwide container depots fully wind and watertight. Whilst they are ready to use on arrival, there are a few products that will help to extend the life and value of your container.


Grafo-Therm anti-condensation coating is the most cost-effective long-term solution to protect your shipping container from condensation and corrosion. This product offers protection to both your container and the items you are storing, by doing so it prevents mould and rust. Grafo-Therm is very popular amongst our self-storage clients as it offers extra protection for their customers who store valuables in the containers and also prolongs the life of their shipping containers. With prices starting from £150, Grafo-Therm is a cost effective option to protect your shipping container.

Container Painting

The paint we use on shipping containers is marine grade container paint. It is designed to protect the Corten steel containers when they are being used in harsh marine environments. When using the container for domestic or commercial storage, having an extra layer of this hard-wearing paint will provide a barrier between the steel and the ever-changing Great British weather. It will also give your container a fresh, clean finish.

The shipping container paint colour options are all based on the standard RAL colour chart. We offer a few different standards of painting from a basic full blow over to a single RAL colour to more in depth options which can include removing decals or patches before painting. Ask our team for further details.

Fitted High Security Lockboxes and CISA Padlocks

One of the main reasons shipping containers are used for storage is because they are secure. The robust steel units are equipped with a set of double cargo doors which are closed by up to four locking rods. To ensure the container can only be opened by the owners, we recommend having a fitted high security steel lockbox fitted to the cargo doors. The lockbox is a steel shroud which is fitted houses a padlock. Teamed with a heavy duty, cut and pick resistant CISA padlock, this set will help to keep your valuables safe.

All of the options detailed above can be done in depot or at your site. We hope that this helps you with your container purchase and prolonging the life of you unit, if there are any further accessories that you are considering, such as shelving or access ramps, you can find out more on our container accessories page or by asking our team.

If you require more information about our containers or mobile site services, please call us today on 0330 321 3380 or email [email protected].  Alternatively, you can complete our quick enquiry form for a competitive quote. Thank you.


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