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How Can I Stop Condensation In My Container?

Condensation control in your container can be achieved in various ways. Here we run through our best tips.

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How Can I Stop Condensation In My Container?

Condensation control in your container can be achieved in various ways. Here we run through our best tips.
Condensation Control

This is a question we are regularly asked, and 3J have the perfect solution. Shipping containers are made out of steel. As a result, when it is hot, they get extremely hot, when it is cold, they get extremely cold! These temperature swings twinned with the fact that storage containers are often full of items, some of which hold water, can cause condensation problems in shipping containers being utilised for storage.

Limiting Container Condensation

There are a number of simple and easy steps that you can take in order to limit the amount of condensation that your container may suffer with. Ensure that doors are closed and remain closed when it is raining, ensure that items stored are dried off before being put into the container, do not store white goods that retain water (washing machines, dishwashers etc) in your shipping container, make sure that vents remain uncovered, do not overfill your shipping containers, and, on mild and warm days, allow your container to breath by keeping the doors open.

Grafo-Therm Condensation Control

However, many of our steel containers are sent to businesses and self store sites, they are used for construction projects with a high volume of people utilising the container. It is common that all of these steps to limit condensation in your container can not be followed at all times. 3J have the solution! We are able to apply a water based product to the roof of your container, either prior to delivery or on your site, called Grafo-Therm. Grafo-Therm prevents the effects of condensation inside your shipping container and is utilised heavily by the self storage industry.

Grafo-Therm delays the point at which dew point occurs thus reducing the window in which condensation can form, any residual condensation that does form within any given period is immediately absorbed by the Grafo-Therm coating, thus limiting condensation in your shipping container.

3J Services can offer a fully mobile anti condensation treatment service for your shipping containers on site, or apply to your container prior to delivery.

If you require more information about our containers or mobile site services, please call us today on 0330 321 3380 or email [email protected].  Alternatively, you can complete our quick enquiry form for a competitive quote. Thank you.


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